Blog Post 2

For this week my primary focus was to learn about the functions and settings available to a user on a camera. The through countless YouTube videos and a few websites I leaned that there are a few settings/things that are pretty much the only things that need to be changed when shooting: aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and your lens. The aperture is how much light gets into the lens, this can make the picture brighter or darker and the higher the f stop the shallower the depth of field is. So for a blurry background a photography would want a higher depth of field. Next is ISO, ISO is basically how sensitive the sensor is when picking up light. The lower the ISO the darker the picture but there is also less noise. After that is shutter speed, this is the length of time the sensor is exposed to light when taking a picture. A smaller shutter speed means darker images but reduces motion blur. Finally is the lens, lenses control what size aperture you can use, the crispness of an image, and the zoom. A high quality lens will give a crisper image and a larger lens (measured in millimeters) will zoom in more. Learning this information will enable me to take better pictures the first time around and not go back and have to retake images, it will also let me get the look I want when taking the pictures and give me more control over what comes out of my camera.

Image by Brita Britnell via Food With Feeling


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